About Me 

As a recent graduate of Special Effects Makeup-Design for TV, Film and Theatre, I enjoy all aspects of special effects and wish to expand on my skills and broaden my horizons in this industry and gain as much experience as possible. Feel free to look at my portfolio and get in contact if you wish to discuss my work. 

I have skills in many aspects of special effects, including sculpting, moulding, running, and applying prosthetic appliances, as well as hair-punching, trauma makeups and "out of the kit" makeups, among many of my other skills. 

My industry work experience includes makeup set work on Estuary TV channel's show "On the Bench", student films and makeup at Alton Towers scarefest. My most recent work experiences include zombie makeup for a promo event for TV show "Fear the Walking Dead" where I was employed by AMC. I also recently completed a trial in the wax finishing department at Merlin Studios for Madame Tussauds.